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At some point in time, we all need to disconnect. It can be essential to our selves and our wellbeing. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed, especially in todays climate, and we all should learn how to identify being overwhelmed, and how to disconnect, center ourselves, and remove ourselves from a situation that stresses us out.

It is easy to look at the news on our phone or social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter for daily updates about the world. In todays time, a lot of the news and updates that we hear about have been nothing but tragedy and overwhelming information, and it’s NOT normal to experience the amount of trauma that we’ve ALL faced through the content we consume on a daily basis.

It can easily get tiring, concerning, and downright stressful, but remember that this is normal, and more people than you think are going through or feeling the same exact way as you are.

Some methods of disconnecting can include:


Logging off of social media for a day (or two)

Spending quality time outside

Reading or divulging in a hobby

If these methods just don’t seem to be enough, reach out for an appointment with me. It is easier said than done when it comes to tips like these, but having someone like a life coach (like myself) can help motivate and keep you on the right track. Let’s work together so we can enjoy life to the fullest and appreciate ourselves like we’re supposed to, together.

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