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Meet Sharif Colbert - Certified Professional Life Coach

From a young age I experienced an unhealthy amount of instability and dysfunction. This trauma led to anger issues as I was coming into young adulthood. In that time I didn’t have perspective of my actions, I was just doing what I had seen and thinking it was the norm.


I was fortunate to have strong, caring people show up in my life.  They showed me what a stable, healthy, and loving environment looks like. Experiencing life from a different perspective allowed me to start understanding my own behavior and in turn look at myself and ask myself “who am I, and who do I want to be?”


This was the beginning of a difficult, but fulfilling, journey that has taken years of self reflection, learning self love and healing. The one thing that was a constant throughout my life, the “who am I” question, was that I have a big heart, I am a people person and my nature is to help others. Helping people is where I was able to find my own healing and what brings fulfillment to my life. I didn’t realize that when I was young, but I was doing it.


The combination of my life experiences and the work I’ve done throughout the years has given me a gift for recognizing someone in need, and the ability to see things that most people don’t.  There’s a connection that’s made when a person feels seen and over time I’ve noticed my ability to make those connections is uncommon. Naturally, this led me into many roles through out my life from teaching, mentoring, coaching sports, counseling drug and alcohol addiction to finally my most fulfilling calling - life coaching.


As a certified life coach I get to help people from all walks of life in a broad spectrum of ways. From helping people overcome difficult obstacles that have life changing results to helping someone find a smaller piece to their puzzle to take them to the next level in their life or career. Doing the work on one’s self isn’t always easy but, when you’re ready, that transformational journey can be a beautiful and powerful experience.


The good news is you don’t have to do the work alone. That’s what I am here for! Are you ready? Hit Start Now for a free session. Let’s go!

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