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Addiction. We’ve all heard it before, he got addicted to alcohol; or she got addicted to crack; but what IS addiction? And what exactly can you be addicted to?

Addiction can come in many shapes and forms, and we’ve heard more common ones such as alcoholic addictions, drug addictions, etc. but it’s possible to be addicted to many different things as well. Addiction is defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. You can become addicted to food, porn, sex, caffeine, gambling, you name it. It’s extremely important not to overindulge in pleasurable activities, as an unhealthy obsession, habit or addiction can occur.

It’s our job to stop our bad habits from manifesting; we have to make sure that we provide limits for ourselves and make sure that we stick to those said limits. While there is no way to prevent addiction, education, support systems, and higher awareness about addictions can aide you in this journey. It’s important to be honest with yourself on where you want to be and where you are so you can take the necessary steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Some tips to remember in this journey are to;

- [ ] Identify what exactly is triggering you

- [ ] Focus on why and what you want to change

- [ ] Practice mindfulness

- [ ] Enlist friends and families or professional help (like a life coach) or therapist

- [ ] Try to replace the habit with a healthier alternative

- [ ] Fill your time with healthy activities

- [ ] Avoid idle time (idle time is the devils time)

As humans, we all have our limits. It’s extremely important though to know what our limits are not only when it comes to things like people and boundaries, but to sex, porn, drugs, alcohol. etc… I’m not here to get preachy by any means, it’s just a simple message for some. Acknowledging and being self aware that something has become out of your control is key to your success. If you can’t acknowledge it you can’t work towards fixing it.

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