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Sometimes, it may be harder to believe in ourselves than other times. We may also find ourselves thinking about the worst case scenarios in situations. Practicing affirmations can be helpful in shifting our mindsets that can improve our overall wellbeing.

⁃ Affirmations are certain statements and/or phrases that we can repeat to ourselves to help us shift our mindsets into a more positive. They have the power to motivate us to do certain things, concentrate on goals that you want to achieve, increase your self confidence, and more. For your affirmation process to work, you have to believe in what you’re saying to yourself and repeat your affirmation(s) daily. Try not to highlight the negatives, say your affirmations out loud, and try to use present tense.

⁃ Some affirmation examples that you can use include:

⁃ “I am a good person.”

⁃ “I am in control of myself and my life.”

⁃ “I grow and improve everyday.”

⁃ “I am grateful for the things I have in my life”

⁃ “I am worthy of love and life.”

⁃ “I am doing my best and that is enough.”

⁃ “I trust myself”

These are some of the affirmations I have my clients use to help create a more positive mindset. Even though we should not expect an immediate or sudden change in our own perspectives, over time our affirmations can help us change our perceptions and our attitudes. Remember you didn't develop negative thought patters overnight. So give yourself grace. If you are struggling to form some affirmations of your own, or want to get in the habit of practicing them, sign up for a free consultation with me today.

"When I started out with Sharif, my self confidence was nowhere close to the degree it’s at now. But since going through the 9 coaching sessions, I’ve never felt more willing to put myself out into the world as I am. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to realize their full potential." Client- Austin Jones

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