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How Having Accountability Can Help You Succeed!

I know I know some of you cringe when you hear that word, but think back when you were most productive in life. There was probably some sort of accountability tied to it.

Accountability means living in integrity, with all your thoughts, words, and actions being consistent with one another and in alignment. Without accountability, you cannot hold yourself to certain standards, and neither can anyone else. Accepting responsibility for your actions and the results of your choices in life is exercising accountability. It is key to take ownership, being accountable for things that you can control, and accept the things that you cannot control.

So what are some examples of accountability that we can apply to our everyday lives?

- [ ] Be proactive instead of reactive

- [ ] Admit your errors

- [ ] Accept constructive criticism

- [ ] Willingness to listen to others

- [ ] Asking for help when needed

- [ ] Recognizing a problem instead of ignoring/hiding from it

A few more examples are actually from some of my current clients. We first identified what we needed to work on, which was getting up earlier to increase productivity, and then followed through by simply reaching out in the morning to let them and myself know that they were up and ready for the day. They held themselves accountable by making sure they texted me and woke up on time. I have a couple other clients that have fitness goals that they were not able to achieve because there was no accountability. They would start and stop and start and stop but once they were able to acknowledge they needed help, reached out to a dope ass life coach (me lol) things really started to move towards a positive direction. Now it’s become routine that they send me their workouts, we talk about it, celebrate the wins and then create more goals.

So how will accountability actually help us?

- [ ] It will teach you to assume responsibility of your actions

- [ ] It will promote ownership

- [ ] Can lessen conflict

- [ ] Build trust with others

- [ ] Help build connections

- [ ] Help build confidence

Accountability begins and ends with you. Any failures or successes are yours, and you need to own them. Take responsibility for them. If you need an extra push, and you know you do, hold yourself accountable and book a free session with me today.

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