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Ways to build confidence

Updated: Oct 27, 2021


What is actual confidence? Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. Self-confidence is holding that trust and belief in yourself. Self-confidence is so important because it allows you to really show up in your life as your genuine, authentic self, yet we all struggle with our own confidence from time to time.

What are some signs of a confident person? Someone that is decisive, not easily offended, when others win they celebrate with them. But what happens when you are in a fog from covid, you aren’t making it to the gym as often as you would like, you’ve studied and studied but you still haven’t passed that stupid math test! Just some examples of ways someone can easily lose their confidence and start second guessing themselves, start doubting themselves.

I’ve seen clients struggling with a range of obstacles which they were able to overcome using confidence building techniques. A more apparent example was a client struggling to get themselves out of the house for regular social activities. A more obscure example was where a client was having difficulty in ordinary tasks such sending a simple routine work email. One of the common themes seen as a result of lacking confidence is finding difficulty in situations that used to, or should, come naturally.

The interesting thing about confidence is that when people lack it, they tend not to see it. They tend to obliviously cover it up, mask it, project it on to others or all of the above. All situations are different, but one of the first techniques I like to use with my clients when I’ve noticed a lack of confidence is asking them to tell me about a time when they were confident. What did that look like for you? How did you feel? One client was fun, energetic, spunky, dependable, fighter, go getter etc… but now everything just seemed so challenging. To help her regain her confidence I have her use positive self talk. All of the things she named that she "was", I asked her to now say those things back in the now. I am fun, I am energetic , I am dependable etc… Daily, positive self talk until she started to believe it again . While it wasn’t over night she is well on her way of being confident and showing up the amazing, confident person she was born to be!

There are many techniques I use as a life coach to build confidence with my clients ranging from reframing situations to meditation. It really depends on each individual and what works for them. Regardless of the client or technique used, the key to understand is that everyone knows the feeling of being self-confident. It’s inside you all the time. It’s just a matter of tapping back into those feelings of strength to build your confidence back up.

So, take a moment and ask yourself - Are there any areas where you’re restrained by your own self-confidence? Now imagine yourself without those restraints - How does it feel? What does it look like? How would you be showing up? What would you be doing?

If you’ve been feeling a little less confident than normal, I hope this helps you. I want everyone to have confidence and be living at their best! As a Life Coach I can help you see things that you may not, a fresh perspective with your best interest at heart, with proven techniques to build that confidence and equip you with tools to keep it. Cause the reality is… You’re pretty damn awesome!

Don’t wait, get in the fast lane to living at your best, confident self today. for complementary introductory session.

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