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Teenagers - Worth the investment

So, at 14 years old this was my youngest client. To be honest I was a little nervous. So young and impressionable. I am good at helping people gain confidence, a priceless part of being successful in life. I have a gift when it comes to working with people in general but with a kid? I wasn’t so sure. I commend his parents! Both mom and dad spoke with me and asked what I thought about taking their son on as a client. I was honest; he’s young, I haven’t coached anyone that young before, let me talk with him first to see if we are a match and see where his head is at.

On the discovery call, we developed a bond immediately. This kid really had a great head on his shoulders. He was able to articulate how he felt, what he felt, what he wanted, why he wasn’t getting what he wanted, what was holding him back, and, most importantly, his confidence level. He thought he was a 2 or 3 out of 10. Not really shocking when you think about all the crap teenagers have to deal with, all the pressures of being someone other than themselves just to fit in.

After our talk I reached out to his parents: what did he think about working with me? They told me his response was just what I wanted to hear: “Hell yea I want to work with coach Sharif.” I’m happy to say I was just the right person to help him at this point in his life. By the time we finished our coaching sessions, he rated his confidence at a 9!

Long story short, teenagers are impressionable. Don't you want them to have the right person working with them? Someone who is going to uplift, praise, and encourage them to be authentic and have confidence in themselves? If so, you should really think about investing in their wellbeing. Help is out there; it’s just about finding the right person to help them. Let's get to work!

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